COVID-19 HR Policies

COVID-19 Return to Work Issues and How to Handle Them

With “return to work” happening for many, issues will arise, and we should be prepared to address them when bringing employees back to the office. Many employees are concerned for their health and safety.  Therefore, it would be a good practice to start gradually, by introducing small number of employees to the office.  Consider staggered […]

HR Policies

Tips on Writing a Streamlined Employee Handbook

Every business with employees should have an employee handbook. But what policies should you include? There are literally dozens to consider (I’ve used up to 95!). I favor a streamlined approach – only include what is necessary, in language all employees understand. Here is what I consider the essential policies for any handbook: How We […]


12 COVID-19 Actions to Take Now

Many of my clients have asked me about the appropriate actions to take regarding their employees. Best Working Options Flexible worksites (if applicable) Flexible work hours (i.e. staggered shifts) to increase the physical distance among employees Work from home Identify essential business functions, essential jobs or roles required to maintain operations.  Make a plan for how […]