Are Unpaid Interns Legal?

If your company uses interns, then you need to think through your policies on how (or whether) you pay them. Failure to do so could expose you to a potential lawsuit. Let’s say that you bring in a college student as an unpaid marketing intern for the summer. She is eager to gain professional experience […]


A Simple Interviewing System That Works

Hiring new employees is one thing all companies have in common. Also common is the high number of decisions that go wrong – employees who disappoint the high hopes you had when you hired them. The problem is that many interviewers are not really prepared for their interviews. Because they do not have a plan, they […]

HR Policies

13 Action Steps to Promote Diversity

Many companies are reviewing and revamping their efforts to promote a more diverse and inclusive work environment.  Here are some action steps you can take now: 1 – Understand the issues. 2 – Communicate to the entire organization how you are going to address it – focusing on your company’s culture and values and how important […]