Need help with your HR?

Would you like some help managing your human resources? We help many small businesses just like yours with our HR Manager service.

Hi, I’m Bill Gottlin, founder and principal of Aspire HR Consulting LLC. I help my clients take the stress out of managing their HR so they can focus on growing their business. There are several ways that I can help you solve your HR problems. Which would you like help with?

Is your business not growing because of HR issues?

Are you struggling to find and retain quality employees?

Do you have to handle employee issues, taking up much of your day?

Are your managers “winging it” when it comes to hiring and firing?”

Are you worried that you don’t have the right safeguards to protect against lawsuits?

At Aspire HR Consulting, we understand your personnel AND your business needs. We’ve helped small and mid-sized businesses and are experienced in HR challenges that limit a business’ growth.

Whether you’ve been in business a long time or you are a start-up, if HR issues are not being handled by an HR expert, if your company needs more order or you want to protect yourself from possible legal issues and claims . . . we can help.

How Aspire HR helps you

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation
  • Discipline & Termination
  • Employee Handbook
  • Policy Development
  • Job Descriptions & Organizational Structure
  • Training Programs
  • Investigations
  • Administer Benefit Plans
  • Administer Retirement Plans
  • Process Payroll

What our clients say

“I like to do employee reviews, I need a dashboard to track time off, who is late, make notes on employee performance. But it takes so much of my time, and I don’t have time. Thank you for handling all this.” – owner, public relations agency

“Thank you, Bill, you’ve been a great help all along. A much happier crowd here and a smoother running organization since you and our controller have been working together. Nice job. We appreciate your support and insight.” – owner, software company

“Thanks for your help, Bill, so glad I have you, I’m absolutely drowning.” – owner, distribution company

“Thanks, Bill! It’s so helpful to have you taking care of everything – hiring, payroll, 401(k), dealing with state laws – like clockwork!” – managing partner, for-profit education company

“Managing my employees is like herding cats! Thanks so much for putting HR systems in place, it is so much easier now.” – owner, retail company

“The new employee handbook you put together was much needed, as well as the sexual harassment training program.” – owner, manufacturing company

About Bill

As the founder of Aspire HR Consulting LLC, I help small and mid-sized companies with their HR challenges. I understand the needs and issues of business owners to hire the right people, set company rules and policies and train managers to get the best results from their employees.

Prior to founding Aspire HR Consulting, I worked for over 20 years with companies in senior HR positions. I have handled every HR issue that companies face and am able to apply the “best practices” of large corporations to create solutions for smaller companies.

Want help with your HR? You’ve come to the right place!